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So exactly what is an outdoor wood furnace and how can it benefit you? Good questions. Typically installed 30 to 200 feet away from your home or business, an outdoor wood furnace system works with any existing home heating system. The system takes the heat created by burning wood and heats up water that surrounds the heating chamber, which is circulated to the home via insulated underground tubes.
In the video above Ron and Robin Cousino talk about their recent Central Boiler Grand Achievement award for selling 1,000 outdoor wood furnaces.

Classic Edge

A revolutionary new patent-pending design. The perfect combination of value and performance.

The Classic Edge is the latest from central boiler with performance driven design, allowing for easy operation, and even higher efficiency.

Our Classic Edge model lets you set it and forget, requiring less maintenance and less wood. All while being EPA certified!


The most advanced, efficient outdoor wood furnace on the market today.

The E-Classic's three-combustion technology utilizes wood gasification to achieve extremely low emissions. This process burns the wood so completely that combustion efficiencies approach 100%. The self-cleaning heat exchanger optimizes the transfer of heat from the extremely hot gases to the water, making the E-Classic one of the cleanest and most efficient ways to heat with wood. 

Utilizing biomass fuel, the E-Classic can provide a comfortable, even heat to multiple buildings and workshops. It can also heat domestic water and replace multiple indoor wood stoves. Burning wood, a totally renewable resource, results in no net increase in carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas emission.


"A totally renewable heat source"

The Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace can heat an entire home, multiple buildings along with domestic water. The Maxim doesn't take up valuable living space like indoor wood pellet stoves or corn stoves and is able to heat for days on a single fuel load. It is also efficient, saves as much as 75% on your heating costs and reduces your dependence on foreign oil by heating with renewable energy.

Able Heating - Your Central Boiler Experts

A Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace from Able Heating & Cooling has the ability to heat multiple buildings and help to reduce your heating bills. And because all of the burning is done outside your home the threat of a chimney fire or dangerous carbon monoxide buildup is eliminated. You get the benefit of heating with wood without dealing with the smoke, ashes, odors and other inconveniences typically associated with burning wood in the home.

Thinking that an outdoor wood furnace is only for those living in the country Think again.  Even if you consider yourself “city folk” but want to take advantage of the money-saving benefits offered by an outdoor wood furnace, now’s the time!

We've been installing Central Boiler products for over 20  years and this year we surpass 1,000 units installed - making us one of the leading dealers in the Midwest! To learn more and see if a Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace is a good fit for your heating needs, give us a call or send us a note through our contact us page. Isn’t it time to put a bite into your heating bills and save some money?

Mainetance Items

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If you are looking for supplies such as Ashtrol, chemicals, service parts, or other equipment. Able Heating is a stocking parts dealership and can get you what you need. Contact us today and let us know what you're looking for - we're here to help!

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